Coworking space
Avignon & Pertuis



L’Etable Cowork is a collaborative and shared workspace in France which is aimed at the self-employed workers, the small companies, the teleworkers and the startups. It is a community of nomadic workers that has decided to share its knowledge and its networks to go farther together.
Two spaces are at your disposal in Provence, the first one is located in the city center of Avignon, next to the SNCF train station, and the second one in the city center of Pertuis, at the heart of the Luberon, the Vaucluse and of the Pays d’Aix. These places offer you co-working desks (made of polished concrete and reclaimed wood pallets), meeting rooms, a business address, training programs and consultancy.
L’Etable Cowork is a vision of the united entrepreneurship which gathers professionals from different backgrounds: a warm and authentic living place where anyone can bring his expertise and get creative around a good cup of coffee (tea is also welcome !).





Coworking space customers


These collaborative and shared workspaces consist of coworking desks, a quiet zone, meeting rooms, relaxing spaces, a phonic cabin and a terrace. They are mainly dedicated to :

Entrepreneurs, independent workers and freelancers who work alone at home, we offer them a friendlier and more motivating workspace to break the isolation.
Startup and Small & Medium-sized companies which need a premises, we offer a space at a lower cost.
Posted workers who have been authorized by their employer to telework in a third-location near their residence, we offer them economiy of both time and transportation.




Meeting & conference rooms


L’Etable Cowork proposes a rental service for meeting or conference rooms located in the city centers of Avignon, close to the SNCF train station, and of Pertuis, at the heart of Luberon, of Vaucluse and of the Pays d’Aix in a natural and original atmosphere among wooden pieces of furniture and recycled wooden palettes.
For 1 hour, 1/2 a day, one day or more, we can arrange several rooms fitted out in meeting spaces, workshops, seminar rooms, receptions, congresses and conferences according to your needs at Pertuis and Avignon.
You wish you could find the ideal place for your next event, don’t you ? Do you have a particular request ?
Then come to meet us or contact us, we will make our best to satisfy your expectations.



Animation of the community


L’Etable Cowork does not boiled down to a simple workspace which supplies all the necessary conveniences for a perfect efficiency, it is also a community of people who has decided to work together to benefit each other’s skills and to increase its chances of success.

From this viewpoint, we host 5 types of events centered on entrepreneurship:
After-work : professional network evenings when the nomadic workers can meet (business cards exchanges, knowledge and networks sharing)
Workshop and Expert talk : in close collaboration with our various partners on given issues: lawyers, accountants, bankers, public institutions
Meeting with famous entrepreneurs : our region is full of entrepreneurs who will be glad to share their experiences, their successes and failures throughout their different projects.
Breakfasts : a friendly moment gathering at the same time the coworkers of the space, the public and private partners and the investors.
Outdoor Team building : these sporting activities intend to federate the community of nomadic workers in the objective to know each other better and to favor the exchanges between them. All that in a convivial and dynamic moment.



Collaborative work


Nowadays, individuals consume differently and favor using instead of owning. This phenomenon illustrates the emergence of new working organizations which lean on the digital economy, the collective intelligence and the collaborative work : the 3rd industrial revolution.
In the end, the coworking space allows nomadic workers, private and public actors which identify with the same values to work as one: exchanging skills and sharing networks to generate synergies.



Access to L’Étable Cowork


L’Étable Cowork Pertuis


137 rue Murette
(Place de la Diane)
84120 Pertuis


L’Étable Cowork Avignon


2 avenue du Blanchissage
(20 boulevard Saint Roch – behind Novotel)
84000 Avignon